One of the key traits of the Palma Boria Firm has to be seen as the aptitude for executing articulate scientific research projects on legal matters.


The Firm has always had a real vocation for studying, analysing and, in general, researching a number of legal areas, as scientific knowledge is a basic platform to offer clients better professional services and, in any case, provide a contribution to the legal and social evolution and development of the countrywide-system.


These research activities are tailored towards the following specific legal sectors:

Tax Law

Theory of the State and Public Finances

Constitutional Law

Commercial and Company Law

European Law and International Law

In general terms, the characteristic of the research pursued by the Palma Boria Firm can be identified as “innovation”, that is, the identification of innovative and additional elements with respect to the platform of knowledge acquired by the scientific community.

The subject of the research project innovation typically relates to fundamental research (that is, basic research), consisting of theoretical works with the aim of acquiring new knowledge about the fundamentals of legal disciplines or in any case the statutory regulation of economic and/o social phenomena.

The research is carried out by the Firm through constant partnerships with Universities and other research bodies.

The basic research largely pertains to an original and planned investigation in order to increase legal knowledge. This research has various different stages:

basic investigation into Italian, European and international regulatory materials;

investigation and selection in terms of case law, both at national and EU level;

study and analysis of contributions to legal doctrine, both nationally and internationally;

identification and analysis of other useful documents for research purposes (economic studies, administrative practice materials, Parliamentary work, etc.);

overall assessment of the materials obtained and examined;

design and planning of innovative legal solutions, also possibly bringing to regulatory reforms;

In line with its research vocation, the Firm organises and/or takes part in several training and professional events, in collaboration with Universities and other research bodies.

These events are typically aimed at developing debates among experts on legal and economic matters on the most innovative elements of national, European and international law.

The aforementioned events are equally aimed at guaranteeing ongoing professional development for the Firm’s staff, with the objective of developing the knowledge and skills used for the innovation and development of the professional activities.