The legal consulting and advisory services that the Palma Boria Firm may provide in relation to the business development objective may typically take shape as the following professional services (so-called “ordinary services”):

  1. Business consultancy (with particular regard to the organisational structure and governance);
  2. Consultancy with reference to company and corporate restructuring;
  3. Ordinary and commercial contracts;
  4. Legal advice as far as personnel management and organisation are concerned;
  5. Protection of inventions and industrial property (protection of marks,
  6. patents, know-how, etc.);
  7. Legal consultancy in the real estate area;
  8. Consultancy in the fields of financial policy and capital markets;
  9. Tax consultancy;
  • Legal consultancy with reference to the internal organisational procedures (Privacy, Money-laundering, regulatory compliance etc.)
  • Risk management (legal protection of management and partners);
  • Legal advice prior to Litigation;
  • Advice with Institutional Relations.


The Palma Boria Firm may also provide extraordinary professional services to assist with business development plans (so-called “extraordinary services”).

I – Acquisitions, mergers and extraordinary business operations

The consultancy and advisory services for extraordinary business operations (mergers, demergers, grants and contributions, transfers or leasing of companies, transfers or exchanges of shareholdings) cover all the legal and tax activities relating to all the preliminary evaluations and the feasibility study, the due diligence review, the negotiation, and the preparation of the contracts and company documents, as required for such operations.

II – International markets

The legal and tax consultancy and advice for the international activities of companies typically relates to the commercial operations involved in selling products abroad, the definition of distribution agreements or joint ventures with international partners, the possible definition of foreign corporate models, and support with the financial policy.


  • New finance

The legal consultancy and advisory services relate to the obtaining of bank financing or non-bank financing (e.g. mini-bonds) to support the company business plan.

  1. Litigation

The Firm can provide legal advice within legal or arbitration procedures relating to civil, corporate, tax and administrative disputes. The Firm’s professionals are qualified to protect their clients before the major jurisdictions (Italian Constitutional Court, Italian Supreme Court, Italian Council of State, EU Court of Justice).