A business is a system in motion, a vital organism which changes and is transformed continuously over time in order to adapt to continuous and unforeseeable market fluctuations. The Firm’s specific mission is to accompany the business during all the stages of its evolution, with aim of increasing its rapidity and efficiency levels.

Above all, the Firm assists businesses during the incorporation and start-up stage, helping the entrepreneur to identify the aims of the activity and to define the operating procedures and the organisational models.

The current business management is followed by the Firm in terms of all the legal and economic aspects related to the use of the factors of production and the company trends; specifically: optimisation of finance and relations with the banks, personnel management, running the commercial team, protection of the intangible assets, the functioning of the company bodies, tax obligations, legal compliance, etc.

A key moment within the development processes is the definition of agreements between companies, whose activities are complementary with respect to the development of the business, in order to create joint venture agreements. The Firm assists companies with market analysis, the search for industrial or commercial partners, preliminary negotiations and the definition of partnership and/or collaboration contracts and agreements.

A further step within the development process is the acquisition of company assets in order to increase the volume of production and reduce the management costs proportionally through economies of scale. In this stage, which is quite complex in terms of the financial and organisational implications, the Firm assists the entrepreneur with the preliminary feasibility assessments, the analysis of the assets to be acquired (due diligence), and the search for the financial means, and then assists within all the legal and tax stages of the operations involved in the acquisition of companies or of company shareholdings.

In situations of market transformation and during unfavourable economic times, companies are sometimes required to implement company restructuring processes. The Firm provides legal advice and consultancy in terms of downsizing the staff, relocating plants, consolidating bank debt, and negotiations with suppliers. Should it be required, the Firm may make use of pre-Bankruptcy restructuring tools (such as composition with creditors or debt restructuring in accordance with art. 182(2) of the Italian Bankruptcy Law, or the ‘approved recovery plan’ in accordance with art. 67 of the Italian Bankruptcy Law).

One of the most delicate stages of the organisational structuring of a company is making the activity international, by opening branches or setting up companies abroad. This sector is one of the real strengths of the Firm: thanks to the network of relations with international legal firms, advice is provided both during incorporation and start-up and the subsequent management and development stages.

The Firm also deals with the checking of the internal procedures in order to support management with assessing the legal risks related to company management (legal management risk).

In order to optimise the protection of the personal wealth of the entrepreneur in terms of the destiny of the business, it often appears to be appropriate to separate the ownership of the assets of greater value with respect to the business assets and equity, mostly by using companies with a protection function. For these purposes, the Firm checks the most suitable corporate forms and the mechanisms for the transfer of the assets which can be executed with the lowest tax increase.

The generational succession stage, when ownership of the business is transferred to the generation of descendants, often creates major organisational and legal problems. The Firm assists the business with planning this generational succession stage in order to minimise the impact in organisational terms and to prepare the most adequate mechanisms in statutory and fiscal terms.