With respect to the aim of planning and executing a well-balanced development of the business activities, the role of professional consultants as a support for the entrepreneur in making the “system decisions” appears to be ever-increasingly decisive.

The Palma Boria Firm offers to take on the role of legal advisor in order to assist companies with the stage involving the analysis and study of its current position and, above all, to offer concrete solutions which can help to overcome the main critical operating elements and implement renewal and/or reorganisation plans.

Specifically, the Firm is available to support businesses during all the key stages of recovery plans:

  1. Assisting with the positioning in international markets, with specific regard to company structures and organisation, contracts, commercial relations, financial policy and foreign taxation;
  2. Provide legal consultancy with regard to the reorganisation of the company assets and activities, new company structure, debt restructuring, optimisation of the cost of labour, tax planning, and protection of the company assets;
  3. Provide consultancy and advice with the issuing of new financing within business activities (with specific regard to medium-term credit financing instruments).