The Palma Boria Firm was set up in 1980.

It was initially characterised as a Firm for providing businesses with professional support, with specific reference to tax and business consultancy and corporate and accounting advice.

The Legal Department was set up in 1992, aiming to offer consultancy and advisory services to businesses with regard to contracts, commercial law, corporate law, industrial rights, labour law and litigation.

In 2000, after joining a worldwide network of legal firms, its professional capacity was developed at an international level.

In 2018, the Firm was transformed into a “Licensed Professional Company” (‘STP’ in Italy) named Palma Boria STP S.r.l. This corporate structure aims to guarantee an increase in the firm’s organisation and functioning, also with regard to the potential for investment in new technologies.

The Palma Boria Firm is based in Rome.

The Firm also has operating offices in Milan.

There are liaison offices in Madrid and London with specially-dedicated operating structures.

The Palma Boria Firm is a member of the ADVOC international legal network, which guarantees coverage of legal firms throughout the world to offer a better legal protection to its clients for their international operations.

The Firm is also a member of the IFL (International Financial Litigation) network with regard to legal aid within international finance operations.